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Where the Pros go for rock solid reliability and incredible power for their DAWs! Call 513-325-5329 or email for custom orders. 

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>24/96 Recording and Mixing with lots of edits, plug-ins

>24+Tracks Recording and Mixing, some Plug-ins

>Basic Audio Recording/Multimedia

>Micro SATA Groove Machines

>Groove Machine Ultra Laptop


Dual Processor XEON



Rack-Mount Solutions

FireWire 800 | SATA RAID

External Solutions

FireWire/USB Portable Solutions


Drive Carriers

What Applications have been tested with the Groove Machines?

Tower Chassis Details

Mid-Tower Details

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The Removable Drive Case is made of aluminum for heat dissipation and is key-lockable. This drive bay can be used for swapping multiple hard drives in/out for backup or mounting multiple drives during sessions. A spare drive case is included for easy drive swapping/backup/session exchange. Additional drive bays are available here.

The front panel of the case is key-lockable to ensure your drives are safe when you are not around!

Get your groove on with a DVD+/-R/CD-RW combo drive and a 4X DVD Burner! 

Made of sturdy steel and aluminum, our cases are suitable for the road or the studio.

All Rack Mount Systems have 3 fans for adequate cooling yet are extremely quiet! 


All Serial ATA Groove Machines come with 6 USB 2.0 ports,  3 Firewire ports and a 10/100 Mbps LAN port for connecting with removable  or networked devices!

We use only the most powerful yet silent power supplies you can buy!

The air inside our Rack Mount Systems is kept dust-free with this washable air filter!